Exposing Christianity

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Christianity Exposed

The author

Christianity is an easy concept to expose. It has no legitimate foundation.
No truth. No basis of sustainability.

“By way of critical and controversial commentary, this book issues a challenge to the sacred beliefs associated with Christianity, e.g. Jesus’ purpose, the existence of heaven, the authenticity of biblical scripture, the forgiveness concept, and the understanding of God’s existence. I am writing from a layman’s theological point of view accented with a divinity school education. Sermons have been included to not only display my sermon-writing abilities, but I am sharing them to support my opinion that, despite varying theological views, Christianity can be used in a way to literally move people in the right direction and generate a remarkable faith without subscribing to those divine tenets that really do not make any sense at all.” -Author, Brian E. Payne

My Shirts used as Message

John 3:17
"God did not send his Son into the world to condemn its people. He sent him to save them!"
Show me a 'saved' person - and I will prove to you that Jesus failed at saving him/her.

Why is there a need for a 'better place" when this good God supposedly created
earth and everything on it?

God wrote the bible and/or commanded inspired men to write it?
You don't really believe that!

Asking for a forgiveness is an over-used method used to falsely pacify.

Imagination is all we have to support our belief in God. Nothing more!